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Slow Release Fertilizer

  • Polypeptide Urea for Golf Course Turf

    Amino Sol-N Description: Amino Sol-N is a high analysis nitrogen fertiliser with Polypeptide Amino Acids. The Amino Acids aid in increasing Nitrogen assimilation and Chlorophyll production while helping address environmental stresses. Specification: 46-0-0. N 46%, Biuret...
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  • Sulfur Coated Urea for Golf Course Turf

    Sulfur coated urea Specification: N% ≥39 Inital release of a nutrient % ≤40 Seven day dissolution rate(SDDR)% ≤60 S %≥8 Biuret % ≤1.2 Mositure % ≤1 Granular 1.00-4.00 mm % ≥90 Appearance: Granular Sulfur Coated Urea (SCU) Sulfur Coated Urea purity 99%
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  • Humic Coated Urea for Golf Course Turf

    Humic Coated Urea Description: GREEN SOLUTIONS Humic Coated (Black) Urea Fertilizer is a granular Urea fertilizer coated with biologically active Humic Acids. These Humic Acids help to increase soil microbial activity aiding in the retention of Nitrogen in the profile and...
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  • Tree Fertilizer NPK Tablet for Golf Course

    Tree Fertiliser Description: This tablet fertilizer is specially developed for golf course tree, oil palm tree, rubber tree, coffee tree, fruit tree, tea tree, non-timber product forest. It is not only slow release, but also the big particle size 20-50mm(weight 20-50g) is...
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  • Green Grade Elite Green Fertilizer for Turf Grass

    Elite Green Fertilizer Description: Elite Green is a homogenous NPK greens grade fertilizer. Formulated with bioactive proteins and humic substances for safe and consistent, long lasting performance on close cut turf. Application: Direct spread Benefits: ·Effective for...
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  • Amino Acid NPK Granular Fertilizer

    Amino Acid Organic NPK Fertilizer Application Crops: It can be used in the middle and later growing period of plant. It has excellent bentoniting and coloring effect. Especially can be applied in high PH value alkaline soil to improve soil quality as a good soil conditioner....
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  • MU Slow Release Fertilizer

    MU Fertiliser Description: MU Fertiliser is a Controlled Release Nitrogen fertiliser containing Methylene Urea. Formulated to provide lasting colour and sustained even nitrogen release for vigour and plant health. A balanced N/K ratio and methylene urea ensures turf maintains...
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