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The Efficacy Of Amino Acid Fertilizer
Apr 27, 2018

Amino acid fertilizer is a fertilizer that can provide various amino acids for plants. A large number of research data show that amino acids, as the smallest molecules of protein, exist in fertilizers, which are easily absorbed by crops, and also have the ability to improve the resistance of the fertilized objects (mainly against disease), to stimulate and regulate the growth and development of crops and to improve the quality of the fertilized crops. At present, most of the amino acid fertilizer in the agricultural market is low concentration of amino acids, which mainly added amino acids, medium and micronutrient elements, and has a good increase in yield and quality, especially for solving the deficiency of trace elements in crops. But the use of this kind of fertilizer is limited to the medium and trace elements of the soil, and because it does not contain a large number of nutrients, it must be used with other fertilizers to show its good fertilizer efficiency.

In order to improve the fertilizer efficiency and extend the application range of amino acid fertilizer, Hubei Zhongyuan phosphating Co., Ltd. developed a new type of amino acid fertilizer based on the nutritional needs of different crops and the abundance of nutrients in the soil. The nutrient elements, beneficial nutrients and the efficient growth promoting and biocontrol microbial population enrich the nutrient components of the amino acid fertilizer, and change the nutrient function of the single supplement to the comprehensive multifunctional fertilizer, which improves the nutrition of the crops, promotes and regulates the growth of the growth, strengthens the disease resistance, the low temperature and the resistance. Drought resistance and other functions such as improving soil nutrient content and improving soil structure. In consideration of a large amount of nutrient allocation, the new amino acid fertilizer is mostly low phosphorus or phosphorus free formula, which can effectively promote the transformation of soluble phosphorus in the soil.

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