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The Difference Between Humic Acid Powder And Humic Acid
Aug 09, 2018

The so-called humic acid powder is a common name for some merchants in recent years. It is actually a coal raw material powder containing humic acid, including weathered coal, lignite, and peat. After being mined, it is pulverized and packaged. Humic acid is a humic acid product that has been chemically extracted and refined by different processes. In addition to 30 to 60% of the "original powder", the rest are moisture, coal powder and minerals. The humic acid content of humic acid products should be above 70%.humic-acid-powder-500x500

Humus is a high molecular polymer in soil organic matter. It is formed by the death of animal and plant (mainly plant) dead microorganisms. It contains two major components: 

1) Humic acid - dissolved in alkaline solution (also pressed The solubility of different solutions is divided into fulvic acid, brown humic acid and black humic acid; 

2) humin - insoluble in alkaline solution. Therefore, humic acid is a component of humus, but belongs to the same type of polymer in molecular structure. It is worth mentioning that humic substances are mainly the proper nouns of soil organic matter, while humic acid = a wide range of acidic polymerizations that are not only in soil but also in peat, lignite, weathered coal, sludge, garbage, river water, etc. There are also humic acids in the material.

Humus is a polymer compound in the soil. Humic acid is a high molecular polymer. It is generally found in coal mines and can also be formed by artificial fermentation. Application can improve the humus in the soil. It should be similar in nature and is the result of microbial action.

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