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Potassium Rich Liquid Organic Fertilizer for Fruit Trees
Aug 17, 2018

Basic Info.

Infection On Soil: Physiological Neutral

Chemical Character: Chemical Neutral

Raw Material: Agricultural Waste

Type: Commercial Organic Fertilizer

Color: Brown Liquid

K2O: 500g/L

Absorbable N: 40g/L

Chelated Fe: 60g/L

Polymer Carbon: 200g/L

pH: 7

Transport Package: 1 L, 5 L, 20L/Bottle&200L/barrel

Specification: agricultural grade

Origin: China Maniland

HS Code: 31059000

Product Description

Content: K2O: 500g/L min
Absorbable N: 40 g/L min
Chelated Fe: 60g/L min
Polymer carbon: 200g/L
Physical property: Gravity (w / v): 1.45 ± 0.1 at 20 oC
EC value (0.1%): 0.65ms ? cm-1 at 20 oC
PH (0.4%): 7 ± 0.5
Appearance: clear and transparent brown liquid
Package: 1. Specifically for underground tubers: 5 L per bottle, 4 bottles in one carton 15 L per bottle,bottles in one carton.              

               2. Specifically for fruits and vegetables: 5 L per bottle, 4 bottles in one carton


1. High content of fluid potassium source, easy absorbed, high utilization rate, more efficient than conventional solid potash fertilizer, greatly promote the transfer of carbohydrates from the origin to the sink:the fruits will be bigger, more colorful, sweeter.

2. Chelated Fe is more stable than conventional chelating iron. During the later stages of crop growth, due to nutrient flow caused leaf senescence ;Or due to temperature, genetic, physiological aging caused leaf yellow .Sufficient high potential iron source can effectively maintain the chloroplast stability or the synthesis of new chloroplasts, promote photosynthetic product formation, promote photosynthetic phosphorylation provide energy, delay the leaf senescence, live bar mature, so as to improve the yield and quality.

3. Small molecule polymer carbon and seaweed extract, those are pure natural biological stimulating hormone with small molecular weight. They are easy to be absorbed, accelerate nutrient return, compensatory and

enough carbon sources, significantly increase the rate of carbohydrate synthesis, improve soil condition , stimulate root absorption of nutrients, delay root aging, strong adhesion can improve foliar absorption and utilization, improve crop resistance .

4. Reasonable ratio ofabsorbed nitrogen further promotes the fruit size.

5. The special type for underground tubers, the natural bio stimulation can accelerate crop nutrient reverse transport process, control flourishing, and increase the underground tubers.
Cell transport from origin to sink

Suitable crops: All the crops
1. Underground tubers: Ginger, potatoes, etc.

2. Fruits, vegetables: Grapes, apple, strawberry, citrus , banana, tomato ect .

Sensitive crop: None

Not suitable crops: None

Promote time: During the middle and late of the crop: when the crops need high content potassium, increase the size, color, and the sugar.

Dosage: Special type for fruit &vegetable underground tubers: drip irrigation, flush, 5L per Ha. Apply with foliar application 1-2 times (200-500 dilute, it means that after soil application, left some products, and used as foliar application). Potato base: 200-500 Sprinkler irrigation. Tip: special fertilizer, don't mix the products for fruits and for ungrounded tubers, don't use on other crops.

Observation points:

1. Leaves green and dark, the phenomenon ofpremature aging, yellowing phenomenon

2. Fruit caliber, weight, color, sugar content, the overall uniformity, overall yield, the overall unit price



  1. Specifically fertilizer.

  2. When used as foliar, the dilution rate is at least 200 times.

  3. When used as foliar application , please follow the" foliar      application rules" .

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