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How To Choose Humic Acid Fertilizer
Apr 27, 2018

Sodium humate is mainly prepared by mixing solution, pouring, mixing seeds or making foliar fertilizer. Among them, the base fertilizer was made with 0.05%-0.1% concentration, and 200-250 kg was applied, and it was best to mix with farmyard manure; apply 150-200 kg per mu and apply or irrigate the crop root with water. The concentration of seed soaking or foliage spraying before planting is 0.05%-0.5%, the seed soaking time is generally 5-10 hours, rice and cotton are 24 hours, and foliage spraying should be carried out after flowering to early filling, and 2-3 times in total.

The application and dosage of ammonium humate are the same as those of humic acid. Only when soil moisture is sufficient and irrigation conditions are good, can fertilizer efficiency be brought into full play.

The water soluble fertilizer containing humic acid is to add appropriate amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium or trace elements in humic acid. In terms of application, water-soluble solid or liquid products are mainly made of foliar fertilizer, seed fertilizer or soaking and soaking, generally diluted about 800 times. A large amount of elemental humic acid containing water-soluble fertilizer can also be used for base fertilizer or fertilizer recovery, but due to its high cost and limited application, it should be applied with farm manure and conventional chemical fertilizer.

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