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High Potassium Organic Liquid Root Fertilizer
Aug 16, 2018

Basic Info

Model NO.: Organic Liquid Root Fertilizer

Infection On Soil: Physiological Alkaline

Chemical Character: Chemical Alkaline

Raw Material: Organic Matter

Type: Commercial Organic Fertilizer

Trademark: QFG

Transport Package: Carton

Specification: 200LBarrel

Origin: Shandong, China

Product Description

Organic Potassium Root Liquid Fertilizer

K2O: 500g/L min
Absorbable N: 40 g/L min
Chelated Fe: 60g/L min
Polymer carbon: 200g/L
Physical property:
Gravity (w / v): 1.45 ± 0.1 at 20 oC
EC value (0.1%): 0.65ms ? cm-1 at 20 oC
PH (0.4%): 7 ± 0.5
Appearance: clear and transparent brown liquid

Containing 500 g / L potassium efficient source to promote rapid enlargement of underground tubers or root, tuber or root starch increased dry matter accumulation, increase production. 40g/L can be absorbed N, which can meet the demand of N in the expansion of the underground tuber, reasonable N/K, synergistic absorption and high efficiency. With 6g/L DTPA-Fe, can effectively prevent and alleviate Leaf Chlorosis due to iron deficiency, aging, chlorophyll, leaf thickness. G / L alginate lysate containing, can
promote the accumulation of material within cells, increased cell wall thickness and toughness, greatly improve crop resistance to frost, drought and other anti stress ability. Wsoc containing 30g/L can be directly absorbed by plants, increasing the content of endogenous C, increasing the endogenous hormones and the accumulation of dry matter.

Package and storage:
Package: It is available in 1 L, 5 L, 20L/Bottle&200LBarrel
Storage: In sealed and damp-proof place.

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