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Formulated Liquid Fertilizer
Aug 06, 2018

The newly developed formula liquid fertilizer products include single nutrient liquid fertilizer, large amount of elemental water soluble fertilizer and humic acid soluble fertilizer. This is a formula-based water-soluble fertilizer researched and developed on the basis of existing products based on the actual production of potassium dihydrogen phosphate device and the surrounding market demand, based on potassium dihydrogen phosphate mother liquor. 

The product has the characteristics of high nutrient content, comprehensive nutrition, fast dissolving, less impurities, fast fertilizer effect, scientific formula, rooting and rooting, regulating soil activity, high absorption rate, convenient use, and enhancing crop photosynthesis. It is widely used in various growth stages of various vegetables, fruit trees and other crops, and will have a significant effect on the quality and yield of crops.

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