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Effect Of Amino Acid Fertilizer On Increasing Yield
Apr 27, 2018

     The study on the effect of amino acid fertilizer on the main crops shows that amino acid fertilizer can promote growth and development, increase yield and improve quality of various crops. In the past three years, we have conducted field experiments on the field application of 12 agricultural crops, including wheat, cotton, sugar beet, rape, watermelon, melon, grape, barley, corn, detained, vegetable, mulberry leaves and other more than 20 varieties, including wheat, cotton, sugar beet, watermelon, watermelon, watermelon, melon, corn, grain, vegetable and mulberry leaves according to high, medium and low fertility. With "Tianjiao" high efficiency liquid fertilizer, 150 grams of foliar spray per hectare, 3 times of economic crops, 2 times of spraying of grain crops, and spraying of 1:300~400 times.

     amino-spray-foliar-fertilizer50176677101The results showed that the average yield increased by 31.4% in greenhouse and greenhouse cucumbers, 23.5% in greenhouse lettuce and 23.5% in Chinese cabbage; the production of tomato, eggplant and chili was increased by 15.5~20.1%; the yield increased by 23.1%; the average yield of the film was increased by 16.t%; the average increase of the yield of the film tomato was 25.1%; the yield of the big Chinese cabbage was 34.5%; the average yield of winter wheat was 24%; spring wheat increased. The average increase of yield was 16.9%, the average yield of cotton increased by 21.4%, the yield of sugar beet increased by 9.8~43.1%, the increase of rape yield was 17.9~48.4%, the average yield of watermelon increased by 9.26%, the average yield of melon increased by 13%, the average yield of beer barley increased by 35%, the average yield of corn was 16.35%, the average yield increased by 19.3%, and the average yield of mulberry leaves increased by 17.2%.

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