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Application Field Of Tea Saponin
Apr 27, 2018

(1) pesticide field

The environment-friendly pesticide additives, which are made of tea saponin as the main body, can be widely used in insecticides, fungicides and herbicides to increase efficiency, solubilization and detoxification. As wettable wetting agents, it can not only improve the wettability of pesticides, but also effectively raise the suspension rate of pesticides and reach or exceed the country. The standard prescribed by the family, as a water agent type pesticide additive, has more advantages, it does not contain metal ions that damage the quality of pesticides. Because its pH value is neutral to acid, it is beneficial to the storage of pesticides. As a kind of emulsifiable pesticide, the synergism and spreading agent can improve the physical and chemical properties of the pesticide, the dosage is low, the effect is good, the speed of the knockdown is fast, and the rain water is resistant to rain. Because of the surface activity of tea saponin, it can reduce 50~70% of pesticide dosage, and its synergistic effect is obvious. At the same time, because tea saponin repellent and biological hormone action is itself a good biological pesticide, it can also stimulate crop growth. The underground pest is a very difficult pest to prevent and control. The special insecticide developed with tea saponin as the main agent can not only effectively kill the tigers, earthworms and nematodes, but also do not cause soil pollution, which is beneficial to environmental protection. The synergistic and extender of emulsifiable pesticides can improve the physicochemical properties of pesticides, with less dosage and good control effect.

(2) the field of culture

The green pond agent 8901, prepared with tea saponin as the main body, can be used as the pond before the shrimp culture, and can also be used to kill the hostile fish in the culture process. On the other hand, it can also promote the shrimp shelling and stimulate the growth of the shrimp. At the same time, it can also kill the nematodes and polycondensation insects attached to the crab. For the purpose of curing crab disease, its usage is 2~3ppm in freshwater shrimp culture, 1 ppm in seawater and 15~25 ppm in crab disease. With the gradual prohibition of chemical fish products in China, a new generation of environmentally-friendly fish medicine, tea saponin 8901, will be recognized by more and more farmers.

(3) the field of feed

The feed additives made of tea saponin can effectively replace antibiotics, reduce the disease of human and animal co - development, make the whole breeding industry a new step, and finally make people eat safe meat.

The field of building materials

Tea saponin is a good natural surface active agent. It can be used as foaming agent and foam stabilizing agent in aerated concrete and light building materials. It has the effect of degreasing. It can improve the suspension of aluminum powder, restrain the lime digestion, improve the stability of the slurry pouring, improve the structure of the gas hole, make the product more reliable and reliable, and its effect is obviously superior to that. Gleditsia powder, pulverized and so on. The emulsifying agent made of strong emulsifying property and dispersion has been successfully applied to the sizing process in the production of fiberboard, obviously reducing the water absorption of the products, enhancing the waterproof performance and improving the quality of the fiber board. After proper modification and scientific formula, tea saponin can be made into efficient cement foaming agent. Because of the inner dense bubbles in the products, the weight is light, heat insulation, sound insulation, non flammable and PEG saw can greatly reduce the weight of the building, expand the effective use area, speed up the construction speed, reduce the cost and total cost of the building foundation. Replace a large number of red bricks, protect farmland and save energy.  Dilution multiple: 100-120 times, the amount is 2-10% of cementitious material, technical characteristic: foaming multiple: 30 times.

Daily chemical field

Using the surface activity of tea saponin, it can be used as shampoo, detergent, hair dye, emollient dew, shampoo and so on. It can not only protect skin and shampoo, but also reduce inflammation and stop itching, and the effect of dandruff is good.

Medical field

Tea saponin has obvious characteristics of anti leakage and anti inflammation. In the initial stage of inflammation, it can normalize the permeability of the capillaries, stimulate the secretion of hormones in the animal body, regulate the blood sugar content, reduce the cholesterol content and prevent cardiovascular disease. It has the effect of reducing phlegm and stopping cough, it can treat senile bronchitis and various kinds of edema, tea saponin and antibacterial effect, it can treat some skin diseases. Tea saponin can inhibit alcohol absorption and accelerate the decomposition of alcohol, so it can be used to sober up alcohol.

Beverage field

Adding small amounts of saponin in wine can prevent yeast from producing, stabilize the quality, and also can be used in aerated wine to make it rich in foam.

Textile field

Tea saponin can be used as printing and dyeing and detergents for cotton, wool and linen. The ability of stripping is small, and no fabric will be produced. The fabric will not lose its luster.

Oil mining and mining

Due to the surface activity of tea saponin, hydrocarbon compounds can be separated well and suitable for oil exploration. The special foam agent of the tea saponin can improve the oil recovery by more than 24%, and it can be widely used in sterilization, profile control, leakage blocking and oil well addition. In the solid operation, the fine flotation flotation agent can be made in the mining field, and the flotation efficiency can be obviously improved.

Photographic and photocopying fields

Using the tea saponin to treat the duplicating paper can obviously improve the clarity and quality of the photocopying. The clarity and brightness of the photo can be greatly improved by the use of the tea saponin to treat the photographic photographic plate.

Fire extinguishing agent field

Tea saponin has strong foaming ability and good flame retardant function. Its fire extinguishing agent is superior to fire extinguishing agent.

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