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Activation Of Sodium Humate In Feed
Apr 27, 2018

1. active absorption of feed ingredients

Because of the large molecular weight of humic acid itself, the larger particles can be synthesized in a certain medium, so it has the colloid characteristics and adsorption capacity to form a good ion exchange and catalytic action to promote the activation and absorption of the feed ingredients.

2, we can fully decompose the various complex nutrients in feed and make good organic combination, increase gastrointestinal function and promote protein assimilation.

3 increasing the permeability of animal cell membrane and protoplasm, increasing the interstitial water volume and cell water content of muscle cells, resulting in the phenomenon that the skin of pigs is light and tender.

4 humic acid adsorption makes feed nutrients slowly pass through the intestines, which enhances the absorption and digestion time and improves the absorption rate of nutrients.

5 humic acid molecules are rich in nitrogen elements and have strong absorption to amino groups. It makes the non protein ammoniate in the feed fully utilized. The feed protein is converted into muscle protein at a high limit. The growth potential of lean meat and the weight of lean meat are improved. Meanwhile, the humic acid molecules remaining in the intestinal tract can also absorb the feces. Ammonia not only reduces the odor of excrement, but also increases the fertilizer efficiency by absorbing ammonia.

6 humic acid contains quinones, which is involved in the redox process of the body, making the metabolism strong, promoting cell proliferation and accelerating growth.

7 sodium humate can improve the gastrointestinal function, promote the secretion of gastric juice, increase appetite, promote the rapid entry of nutrients into the body, stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the stomach and intestines, and inhibit the propagation of spoilage bacteria.

8 because sodium humate can promote digestion and absorption, so it can make the mineral elements in the feed combination better absorption and utilization, fully play the role of mineral elements and various vitamins.

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