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Organic Liquid Fertilizer

  • Liquid Fertilizer for Agriculture Vegetables

    Liquid NPK TE Technology Specification: Humic acid 70 g/L Calcium and Magnesium 100 g/L NPK 100 g/L Organic matter 210 g/L Amino acid (Polypeptide) 100 g/L Compound trace elements 20 g/L Features: 1. It is rich in organic active substances, rooting factors and a variety of...
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  • Amino Acid Organic Liquid Fertilizer

    Liquid Amino Acid Fertilizer Brief introduction: Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer is a very good effect fertilizer especial on fruits and vegetables who is called AMINO GOLD by farmers. Our liquid selected 9 groups of beneficial Microorganisms with high quality food grade organic...
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  • Humic Acid Organic Liquid Fertilizer

    Liquid humic acid organic fertilize Specifications: Water soluble humic acid:5% min N:6% min P:3% min K:6% min Microelement: Ca, Mg, S, Fe, B, Cu, Zn, Mn, Mo Appearance:black liquid form Package:500 ml/bottle Dosage: 1.Revive seeding stage flower prophase:dilution rate:1:800....
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