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  • Custom Liquid Fertilizer for Fruits

    Flower Liquid Fertilizer Technical Specification: Calcium + Magnesium ≥ 100g/L Polymerized boric acid ester 50g/L Appropriate amount of plant cell signal inducer. Features: According to the physiological requirements of green flowering plants, this product contains high...
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  • Liquid NPK and TE Fertilizer

    Liquid Fruit Fertilizer Technical Specification: K 2 O ≥ 500g/L Zn+B ≥ 20g/L Plant cell signal inducer Features: 1. Specially add plant cell signal inducer, stimulate the crops to accelerate the secretion of anthocyanin, improving fruit coloration. 2. Containing organic...
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  • Custom Liquid NBR Brassinolide Boron Fertilizer

    NBR Boron Technical Specification : Boron 100 g/L Organic matter 100 g/L N 50g/L K 2 O ≥ 100 g/L Accessory ingredient: Natural brassinolide Features: 1. Effectively prevent fruit trees and vegetables from falling fruit, dysplasia, the cotton bud without flower, floral...
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  • Liquid Calcium and Magnesium Fertilizer

    Multipal Control Technical Specification: Ca+Mg ≥ 100g/L Appropriate amount of plant cell signal inducer Features: This product is made by the national invention patent plant cell signal inducer technology, after applying this product, it enters the plant from leaves, tender...
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