Use area of humic acid raw powder
Apr 27, 2018

The use of humic acid powder is widely used in many areas, especially in the fields of agriculture, animal husbandry, petrochemical, construction materials and medicine. The reason and the scope of its use are very wide, because they use more, so it will make more practical use. There are also many types of black rot humic acids, most of which are powdery substances.

Because of its wide distribution, it also has great influence on the earth, including carbon cycle, accumulation of mineral migration, soil fertility and ecological balance. The content of humic acid in soil is the highest, but the average content is less than 1%, and the total amount of salt water is not small, but the concentration is low.

It is used in soil for oxidation, nitrification, ammoniation, conservation, nitrogen and other processes to promote decomposition of soil organic matter and nutrient transformation. As a basic fertilizer, it can solve the problems of soil acidification, tamping, lack of organic matter and soil fertility, so as to make the soil energetic, promote the growth and development of the crops, and provide nutrition with the original humic acid powder. In other words, beneficial microbes use their lives to take care of crop life and absorb nutrients for crops. Its mechanism is the accumulation of reactive oxygen radicals in harmful bacteria, inhibition of three-dimensional respiration in the body, thus inhibiting the growth of harmful mycelium, mycelium break, expansion, deformation and cracking, and the effect of soil on life, as well as the nutrition of crops.

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