The application of Humic acid fertilizer
Nov 20, 2018

1. Soaking seeds: soaking seeds can improve the germination rate of seeds, the early emergence of seedlings, strengthen the roots of seedlings. Generally, the concentration of immersion is 0.005-0.05%, the average soaking time is 5-10 hours, rice cotton and other hard shell seeds is 24 hours.

2, Soaking root: rice, sweet potato, etc. can be soaked with humic acid or potassium humate solution seedlings before transplanting, the concentration of immersion is 0.01-0.05%. After soaking seeds, it shows fast hair root and high survival rate.

3, Spraying: A solution generally with a concentration of 0.01-0.05%, spraying 2-3 times in the flowering period of the crop, each spray volume of 50 liters per acre, the spraying time should be selected at 2-4 pm.

4, Base fertilizer: solid humic acid fertilizer (such as ammonium humate, etc.), generally 100-150 kg per 6 acres. When the humic acid solution is used as the base fertilizer, the concentration is 0.05-0.1%, and the 250-400 liter aqueous solution per 6 mu can be mixed with the farmyard fertilizer, and the ditch application or the hole application can be applied.

       5. Topdressing: Before the crop seedling stage and heading stage, use about 0.2 liter of aqueous solution of 0.01-0.1% concentration per 6 mu, and water it near the root of the crop. Paddy fields can be applied with irrigation or water surface spraying, which can play the role of raising seedlings, strengthening seedlings, promoting growth and development.

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