Organic fertilizer selection and preservation
Apr 27, 2018

We all know that the nutrients contained in organic fertilizer are more comprehensive. In addition to the contents of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, there are plenty of medium and micronutrient elements, which can better meet the needs of various mineral nutrients in the crops. Application of organic fertilizer is beneficial to soil health and soil fertility.

First, the three principles of organic fertilizer selection

1. Look at the selection of raw materials

There are many kinds of raw materials for organic fertilizer, and the quality is also good and bad. In common use of livestock and poultry manure and cake, organic manure of lignin material has high organic matter content, but it is difficult to decompose lignin in soil. It can be used as fertilizer.

2. Selection of decomposed organic fertilizer

After the fresh farm manure was applied into the soil, the organic nutrients contained in the soil could not be immediately absorbed and utilized by the crops, and the undecomposed organic manure was applied into the soil, because the unripe organic manure contained pathogens, eggs and weeds, and produced high temperature and organic acids in the process of decay, which seriously endangered the normal growth of the crops. Organic fertilizer must be thoroughly cooked before it can be applied.

3. Choose suitable organic fertilizer

When growing long vegetable crops such as melon and tomato, do not use organic fertilizer alone or measure or choose some organic fertilizer simply by price. According to crop needs, chemical fertilizer can avoid the shortcoming of short duration of commercial organic fertilizer.

Two. How to store organic manure in autumn and winter

In cold autumn and winter, there are certain techniques for storing and storing organic manure.

Different types of organic manure should be stored in the storeroom, labeled, labeled and chemical. Ammonium sulfate, ammonium hydrogen nitrate, ammonium chloride and ammonia water, such as ammonium fertilizer, encountered grass wood ash, lime and lime nitrogen, such as basic fertilizer, easy to cause nitrogen volatilization, reduce fertilizer efficiency, resulting in undue loss.

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