How to identify the true and false sodium humate powder
Apr 27, 2018

It has many functions, such as improving soil, improving nutrient utilization, enhancing plant stress resistance, promoting soil beneficial microorganism activity, increasing yield and improving quality. To ensure that humic acid fertilizer is purchased, humic acid fertilizer is the real product. Experts stress that these problems must be carefully verified: first, check the implementation standards. At present, humic acid products on the market are more chaotic, and there is no uniform standard. NY/T1106-2010 contains humic acid water soluble fertilizers. The Ministry of Agriculture issued the national standard for humic acid fertilizers, which is also currently used.

The rest is the standard of the enterprise. As of the end of December 2015, there were no other standards and national standards related to humic acid fertilizers. In addition, if humic acid is added to the compound fertilizer or mixed fertilizer, the content of humic acid can only be marked at the composition of the package bag, but the big name on the package can not be changed, that is, the package must be marked with compound fertilizer or mixed fertilizer, and can not be labeled as humic acid compound (admixture) fertilizer. At the same time, the content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in fertilizer must also meet the standard of compound fertilizer or mixed fertilizer standard. Second, check the content of humic acid on the packaging bag.

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