How to correctly judge whether orchids are fat-deficient?
Jan 08, 2019

Orchid deficiency, like other plant deficiency symptoms, can be judged by the color, luster, morphology and so on of the leaves. Orchid Fertilizer is mainly based on nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ternary fertilizer, medium trace element fertilizer can not be missed, but after all, is not the main nutrient, but only on the growth and development of orchids have adverse effects. Orchids lack nitrogen fertilizer. Mainly manifested in the leaves, leaf surface performance yellowish green, or pale green, leaf surface is relatively short, relatively wide, leaf quality is relatively thin. Normal orchid leaves are dark green, dark ink, leaf blade longer and wider, leaf quality is more hypertrophic. Orchids lack phosphate fertilizer. Mainly manifested in the tip of the leaves and the edges of the leaves. Orchid Leaf tip turned yellow, dry, leaf margin also turned yellow, and sometimes the edges will dry. Leaf blade abaxially veins protuberance, leaf blade adaxially into V groove shape. Phosphate fertilizer is an orchid flower bud differentiation must have the nutrients, lack of phosphate fertilizer, flower bud physiological differentiation and morphological differentiation can not be completed

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