How does tomato fruit fertilizer?
Jan 09, 2019

After the tomato enters the fruit, the nutrient body and fruit are increased rapidly, if the fertilizer deficiency in this period will cause the plant premature aging, the fruit development is not full, the pulp is thin, the quality is poor. Generally in the first spike fruit white to the third spike fruit rapid expansion during this period of time, fertilizer 2~3 times. It is recommended to pursue urea 11~22 kg or ammonium sulfate 22~44 kg per acre each time. In addition, it can be combined with cornstalk begins injection of 0.3%~0.5% urea solution, or 0.5% phosphoric acid two potassium hydrogen solution, or 0.5%~0.8% calcium nitrate solution 2~3 times to facilitate the maintenance of late yield and reduce fruit disease.

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