Effect of seaweed fertilizer on vegetables
Dec 12, 2018

1. Promote the germination of vegetable seeds, which is conducive to the cultivation of strong seedlings

2. Increase production and improve vegetable quality

3. Enhance the resistance of vegetable crops

4. Enhance the disease resistance and insect resistance of vegetable crops

Five advantages of seaweed fertilizer compared to traditional fertilizer:

Advantage 1: Environmental protection

It is harmless to humans and animals, has no pollution to the environment, and can increase soil permeability. Its unique resistance to stress greatly reduces the amount of pesticides applied. Natural soil regulating substances can promote the formation of soil particle structure, increase beneficial microorganisms in the soil, improve fertility, and reduce the pollution of harmful substances of pesticides and fertilizers on the soil!

Advantage 2: High efficiency

The application amount is small, easy to absorb, and the utilization rate is high.

After being processed by special techniques, the active ingredients become tiny molecules that are easily absorbed and transmitted by plants. They are highly soluble in water and can be quickly absorbed, transported and utilized by plants within a few hours after use. It can be mixed with most pesticides and fertilizers and has synergistic effects. Can receive the effects that other fertilizers can't.

Advantage three: increase production

Tests and demonstrations of dozens of crops such as food crops, cash crops, fruit trees, and flowers have proved that the increase in the yield of seaweed fertilizer is the input-output ratio.

Advantage 4: Improve quality

Seaweed can significantly improve the quality of agricultural products and increase the value of commodities. For example, the oil content of oil crops can be increased, the sugar content of sugar crops can be increased, the sweetness, flavor and coloration of fruits can be improved, the uniformity of products can be improved, the crops can be prematurely matured, the market can be listed in advance, and the storage period can be extended.

Advantage 5: Enhance resistance to pests and diseases, stress resistance

Improve the vitality and immunity of crops, inhibit pests and diseases, and have obvious preventive and control effects on virions. It can also alleviate the harm of crops such as drought, water logging, low temperature, salt and alkali. Benefit from the recovery of crops. Strong anti-insect, anti-fungal, anti-line worm, anti-aphid and cold-resistant and drought-resistant.

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