Disease resistance of seaweed fertilizer
Dec 10, 2018

 Seaweed fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer with seaweed extract as the core material. As a new type of marine biological preparation, its remarkable disease resistance is favored by domestic and overseas horticultural lawn growers.

    The direct cause of the anti-disease effect of seaweed fertilizer is the special kind of organic matter in seaweed, which can regulate the osmotic pressure of cytoplasm and chloroplast, and protect a series of enzymes into active resistant chemicals in the cells damaged by plants. To enhance the ability to resist insects and bacteria. Chitosan oligosaccharides which extracted from seaweed are the most widely studied and used. A large number of studies have shown that chitosan oligosaccharides can promote the formation of plant callus, improve immunity, and resist fungal, bacterial and viral infestation. Experiments have shown that seaweed nutrient preparations containing chitosan oligosaccharides reduce the incidence of stagnation of larch, Pinus tabulaeformis and Pinus elliottii seedlings in Beijing, Northeast, Shandong and Anhui by 30%-55%. The incidence of blight is reduced by 34%-52%.

        Horticulture Plants are often infested with disease during planting, and wounds that damage plants can cause disease if they fail to heal in time. The operation management process of gardening pruning, cutting, grafting and changing pots is inevitable to damage roots and wounds, thus greatly increasing the probability of disease occurrence. Another important reason for the anti-disease effect of seaweed fertilizer is to rapidly promote wound healing, which greatly enhances the disease resistance of flowers. For example, the rhododendrons in June and July are in the stage of pruning, and the damaged rhododendron leaves are seriously damaged. In addition to the high temperature and high humidity environment, the plants are easily susceptible. The use of seaweed fertilizer for the treatment of rhododendrons during the repair of the rhododendron every 7 days can effectively inhibit the occurrence of diseases, and make the leaves of the plants dark green, strong growth and more ornamental.

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