Application effect of compound amino acids
Apr 27, 2018

The source of compound amino acids is widely used, and the effect of its application is very obvious. Whether it is fertilizer or feed, it is popular with the vast majority of farmers' friends and has already had some audience groups.

One. Compound amino acid fertilizer

1, compound amino acid powder can provide more comprehensive nutrition for plants, and can be used as raw materials for foliar fertilizer, concentrated fertilizer and liquid fertilizer.

2. Compound amino acids are added to fermented soybean meal and fermented feed, which is beneficial to balance the nutritional requirements of microorganisms, promote the growth and reproduction of microbes, and improve the fermentation faster, better and more thoroughly.

Two, compound amino acid feed

1. After the spray drying of the special process, the compound amino acid is dry and light weight, and the weight is only half of the ordinary feed. It is especially suitable for the production of puffed aquatic feed, fish and shrimp, sea fish opening material.

2. The compound amino acid can supplement the most effective 20% nutrients lost in the processing of fish meal, or supplement the nutritive amino acid of the fish meal processed by the non whole fish. It contains a variety of essential amino acid effective ingredients necessary for the animal, and can supplement all kinds of essential amino acids, especially to make up for the raw material and plant of conventional feed. The essential amino acids, which are easily deficient in feeds, use the principle of "barrel effect" of balanced amino acids to increase synergistic effects on other nutrients.

3. The compound amino acid powder compound amino acid contains a variety of nutrients, which can be dissolved in water after the fermentation is fermented by microorganism. It is beneficial to the absorption and utilization of aquatic animals. It can replace fish meal to supplement the food for aquatic animals, fast growth, and special fishery instead of fish meal to save the fish meal.

4. The cystine, tyrosine and serine, which are rich in compound amino acids, can promote the growth of the fur and fur of livestock and poultry. The skin of pigs is red and the color of hair brightens. The yellow chicken can increase the color of hair color and the color of chicken's feet.

5, increase flavor and increase fresh, promote animal appetite, compound amino acid glutamic acid high content, have the effect of regulating mouth feeling, promoting animal appetite, aquaculture feed can replace betaine to increase the palatability of feed.

It can be said that compound amino acids are rare products for farmers, fisheries and aquaculture.

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